Photography is something that deserves respect, and serves as a way to connect us to the best times in our lives. I set out to help people connect in new ways.

I started shooting in 2006. I picked up the least expensive DSLR kit I could find after coming across one of my first "big" paychecks from my first job. It wasn't the greatest work, but it helped me to learn to see the world a different way. It got me started.

Fast forward 12 years (I'm old now..?) and I've been shooting professionally for about 8 years. In the years since I started I spent every bit of free time I had learning everything I could about photography - composition, lighting, post processing, you name it. I wanted to learn it all. It took me a while before I would say I was a photographer, because I feel that photography deserves respect - you don't take a picture, you make a picture.

My Skills

Being a photographer is about so much more than having the gear you need. Sure - everyone can get lucky if they've got a camera in their hands, but to me it's about knowing where you're headed before you click the button, and knowing how to get past the roadblocks.






What I Can Do For You

I specialize in multiple kinds of photography and photographic services.


I'm primarily a portrait photographer. Seniors, Headshots, Lifestyle, you name it. I love capturing people and hearing what makes people who they are.

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I absolutely love shooting weddings. It's an absolute blast to feel the excitement build throughout the day and see the love throughout the entire event.

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Got a business? I can help you make your business look its best. Stock photos are boring and aren't personal. I can help you get images that help your clients connect with your brand.

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Photo Retouching

Photos aren't finished until they're processed and made perfect. Post processing is the darkroom of the digital age. I'm an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 - The only one listed in Montana!


Got an event coming up for a friend or family member? Want to have a rolling slideshow at your wedding? I've got you - I can make slideshows for any event!


Do you need video for your family event or other personal video need? Let me handle it! I can shoot, edit, and prepare video to help your next event be a hit or to help you make the best of your home videos!